4 Beautifully Simple Bathroom Designs for Your House

Simple bathroom designs become a right inspiration to decorate your house. A bathroom is importantly adorned though it locates in the back area of a house. Simple design and decoration seems to be recommended to create comfort. Though it is simple, it is not bad. Even, it tends to be simply elegant and comfortable. This becomes a distinct focal point in your house. The simple design makes it look function optimally. Here are some beautifully simple bathroom designs that can be chosen.

Ceramic Bathroom Design

Simple white bathroom designs


simple bathroom designs for small spaces without bathtub

A bathroom needs to design beautifully to gain high coziness during taking a bath. It is a private room to make you beautiful and clean. Thus, it is crucially designed in a maximal way. One of the recommendations of simple bathroom designs takes ceramic theme. It is similar to its name in which it takes ceramic tiles to decorate area of bathroom. Light-brown ceramic tiles look simple and fairly pretty for bathroom wall installation. The ceramic tiles are set on the sink area. Don’t forget to add white toilet and install glass doors to border sink area and pooping area.

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Deep Blue Sea Bathroom Design

master bathroom floor plans with walk in shower


Simple bathroom designs grey in small space

If you love sea view, you may realize it to bathroom decoration. Deep blue sea theme becomes one of simple bathroom designs that can be selected. This bathroom looks fresh and refreshing your mind. A white bathtub with blue color inside it makes it reflect blue color water regarding to the sea water. Meanwhile, bathroom wall area is adorned by blue sea wave’s decoration as if you were on the beach and sea. Most of the bathroom furniture items take white color like vanities, bathtub, chair, and many more.

White Bathroom Design 

small bathroom layout with tub and shower


simple bathroom designs for small spaces india

White is always interesting and attractive. It never dies to be a theme for your bathroom. You may implement white design for bathroom. White ceramic tiles are installed on the half side of bathroom wall. Toilet, vanities, bathtub, and window take white color. Meanwhile, light-brown ceramic tiles cover the next half area of bathroom walls and floor. Simple and elegant represent this bathroom design.

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Ethnic Bathroom Design

simple bathroom designs for indian homes

If you like something eccentric and unique, it is possibly applied ethnic bathroom design. This bathroom takes ethnic motifs for bathroom wallpaper. Dark furniture items dominate this bathroom. Those are vanities, bathroom flooring, and wall. Meanwhile, to break dark color domination, white becomes the nice choice. Why don’t you take this option for a reference of simple bathroom designs?

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