Chair and a Half with Ottoman; A General Information

Everybody loves sitting in a chair and a half. You can, of course, alone sit or even take a nap there with the rich material. All size, shape, and colors probably will make you confuse to choose what is compatible with you, but here, we will recommend you a chair and a half with ottoman series and other comfortable seats according to our review. So, let’s get started.

Chair and a Half with Ottoman Series

chair and a half with ottoman ashley

Chair and a half is simply a definition given to a piece of furniture which made from the comfort material. The seat has its given name because the size of the chair and a half is because the size is wider than a standard chair yet smaller than a standard love seat. Usually, this kind of chair bought to complement the love seat set for a living room. There are so many types of chair and a half, including Ottoman. Ottoman set itself refers to Ottoman Empire, one of the most powerful empires of its time. The chair and a half that comes with ottoman series have characteristics listed below:

  1. An ottoman kind of this chair usually has a had but no back, and it does use the ‘no wood visible’ style
  2. This chair is usually sold as coordinating furniture with armchairs or glider
  3. Ottoman chair also can be functionated as a storage (below the presidency).
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The Chair and a Half type

oversized chair and ottoman clearance


chair and a half glider with ottoman

So, there are few types of chair and a half:

  • Sleeper. This type of a chair and a half was fits well for the people whom such a deep sleeper.
  • A usual chair and a half. Good for your furniture at living room. That will make it live than before
  • A glider type. Children and their parent relationship can be tightened off by this a chair and a half type. Talking each other just feel more sweet with this.

Where You Can Place This Chair

chair and a half with ottoman ashley furniture

Usually, the chair and a half located in family room, guest room or even bedroom. Just consider these tips before you put a chair and a half:

  • You may go to a small sized room with the size of this seat is quiet small. This chair is helpful when you still have much room left but cannot be put on a love seat.
  • The family room is, of course, the best place to put a chair and a half. Family room associated with relaxing, refreshing time for full family members after taking so much work and stress so the comfy seat may reduce the stress. Even, family members can also take a nap in this position.
  • The guest room becomes a perfect place to locate the chair and a half sleeper. It can complement the chamber and makes your guest feel comfortable.
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The chair and a half with ottoman is the perfect choice for you and your family. If you are interested, you can go to your nearest furniture store like an IKEA or shop at an online store.

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