Choose Your Best Cabinet with Standard Kitchen Cabinet Depth

If you want to renovate your kitchen or built up your kitchen, you may start to consider the cabinets. You can search the ideas for your kitchen before the further action. Beside you consider your cabinet elements; you have to think about how much cabinets that fill up your kitchen. When we start with kitchen cabinet depth, there are some factors that you must consider to plan your kitchen design accurately. You can measure for the standard of base cabinet, your walls, and your height cabinet so can make your design properly. The other important thing is considering your space as well to make your kitchen perfect.  If you can measure your standard kitchen cabinet which suitable with your space, it will save more cost. There are several of standard kitchen cabinet depth that you can choose to get your best cabinet.

1. The standard of base cabinet size

Standard kitchen countertop depth

This type has a function as a base of the countertops from your cabinets. Base cabinet is located in the floor with one drawer and one set of rack based on your needs. This base cabinet is essential for your other cabinet parts and you can skip it because it is the main foundation for your kitchen cabinets. Usually, the base cabinets have a size 34-36 inches from the bottom until countertop. The door is 24 inches and the drawer is 6 inches. The base cabinet has 3 drawers in the top or bottom part.

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2. The standard of wall cabinet size

Standard kitchen counter height and depth


standard upper cabinet depth

The wall cabinet has function as a storage for your kitchen items and foods. Than wall cabinets offer more variations and size. In order to choose the right height for your kitchen cabinet, you may consider from your kitchen ceiling with your own preferences. Usually, wall cabinet height is 30”-42” and the tall is 30” which should be balance between height and tall. For the correct installation, make sure that your cabinet is 54” from the tile. It is important to measure properly before your install the kitchen cabinets based on your design or space.

3. The standard of kitchen cabinet depth

standard kitchen cabinet depth and height


standard kitchen cabinet sizes in mm

The standard of kitchen cabinet depth is 12” and 24” for your dept cabinet that use for refrigerator. It is also essential when you measure the tall of cabinet; you need to measure the depth into 15”. It is useful to make your door cabinet higher.

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These standards of base cabinet, wall cabinet and cabinet depth can give as a reference to make your kitchen cabinet is good and give a touch of your creativity to make it stylish. After you consider about you kitchen cabinet depth, you can start to think about the cabinet material furniture’s.

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