Classic and Modern Bedroom Interior Design: Which One Do You Like Most?

Bedroom interior design seems to be favorable since many people look for the best design for their sleeping room.  Because the main function of a bedroom is for sleeping, the bedroom must be comfortable and relaxing. Comfort and relief can be gain by setting the bedroom as what you want. That is why you need to decide what kind of style that you like most for your bedroom. There are two styles of design discussed in this article, namely classic and modern.

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Classic Bedroom Design

Classic interior design for your bedroom can be a good choice. In order to show the impression of classic room, you can put the combination of brown and cream colors in your room. In classic design, colors in the same tome will be put together, but, of course, they are not too contrasted each other. Besides the combination of the color of your entire room, you can also play with the shape. Some furniture with classic shapes will represent the mood of the room, for example old-fashioned lamp hung on the ceiling, square wooden wardrobe, square brown wooden bed with light brown or cream color of the bedcover, and carved motif of mirror frame.  You can also put furry carpet which as the same tone as the entire color of your room.

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Bedroom interior design ideas


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Modern Bedroom Design

If you prefer a modern design, you can play first with shape. To get the impression of modern style, you can choose the shape of the matrass in a straight square. Modern style is close to the straight lines while classic style is usually close to carved lines. That is why in a modern room, square shape with straight line can be found on the wardrobe, table, desk, mirror frame, and so forth. Another aspect related to modern style is the dominant color. White color is the most favorable color to use in the entire room. This color gives the mood of brightness, cleanness and tidiness. In the modern design, one color will dominate the whole room and other colors will take a small part on the furniture. It does not matter if the colors you put are contrasted to the dominant color. It mostly occurs in the modern design.

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Deciding which design is the best for you, actually, is totally based on your favorable choice and style. As far as you feel comfortable and relaxed, you can choose your favorite bedroom interior design.

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