Take Some Design Inspiration and Tips from Living Room Décor Pinterest

Living room décor Pinterest is our source of inspiration when we are looking for new ways to design your living room. The masters on that site are kind enough to share their insights and knowledge on room decoration for us. So, it is just right if we try to apply it in our own house. The most difficult things about decorating our living room by ourselves is the result tends to look very amateurish. Living room is a very busy room and it is also the place where we entertain our guests. Thus, we definitely want our living room to look exquisite as if it is designed by a professional. So, to help you design the living room of your dream, here are some tips you can easily apply.

Use More Than One Shade

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Color is one of the most important design elements. It embodies your personality and it will become the main attraction of the room. Most people will tell you to go with white to be safe. But the truth is it is not the kind of color that will determine the beauty of your living room but how you incorporate it. You should use two or three shades of the color you choose to make your living room pops create harmony. Use the shades in different place with the main shade on the wall. This way, your living room will spark no matter what color you choose.

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Play with Texture

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Just like the color, your living room will be dull and boring if you only use one kind of texture. If your living room is small, playing with several different textures will make your living room looks lively without having to put space wasting decoration. Don’t forget to combine different patterns as well to make the room more beautiful. But don’t forget to repeat the textures and patterns to create harmony and nothing will look out of place.

Pay Attention to Small Details

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The secret in creating a beautiful living room decoration is not on the big things but the small ones. Decorative elements are the aspects that will glue all the different elements in the room. So, make sure you think twice before putting a decoration in the room. If your living room is small, try to incorporate functional decorative elements such as rustic baskets or floating shelves instead of sculptures or paintings. This way, you will get beautiful design just like what you usually look at living room décor Pinterest.

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