Design Your Narrow Living Room with Living Room Layout Ideas

Living room is the one of important part of your room. as we know that we usually spend a lot of times with family or friends in your living room. living room can show your taste and characteristic as well. it is essential if we have to design our living room based on own taste and can lighten our mood. To make comfortable living room, you have to know the design that you made and your living room space. Maybe it is easier, if we have large space of living room. We can place a lot of furniture’s and give many designs. But it is harder when your house is minimalist and you just have limited space in your living room. you have to choose living room layout ideas according to your room space. there are living room layout ideas for your narrow living room that you can try or as a your references to design your narrow living room

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1. Make your living room path in one side

Living room dining room combo layout ideas


furniture layout for rectangular living room with fireplace

You have to place your furniture in one side of your narrow living room and make a path in the other side so make peoples easy to walk out. When you have narrow living room, some peoples may hard when walk out because the furniture that you have placed blocked the path. Make sure that your rack or cabinet placed in one side and place the chair or sofa across of this side. It can make a path between these two sides.

2. Place your furniture’s in the corners

living room furniture layout with fireplace and tv on opposite walls


how to arrange furniture in an awkward living room


living room furniture arrangement examples

The other ideas that you can try is you place your furniture’s in corner of your room to make spacious. You can group your furniture in the cornet and make the peoples can through easily and look cozy. Your corner room will change your visual room because you arrange your furniture on it and place sofa with neutral color. Avoid using too much furniture in your narrow space or push off the addition sofa.

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3. Hang the mirrors in your narrow living room

Long narrow living room layout ideas


living room layout ideas with tv and fireplace

In order to make spacious, you can hang the mirror in one side of your wall to make your room bigger. The mirror can reflect your living room and give a good shade in your room as well. you have to choose the unique mirrors to give some creativities to your design ideas.

These living room layout ideas can help you to design your narrow living room and make your living room cozy and tasteful. You can add some your creativities to make it stylish.

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