Easy Tips in Applying Cozy Living Room Ideas

For most of us, there will be a trouble in arranging living room in limited or small space. The arranging itself is a daunting task, and then you have to make it as comfortable as possible. Well, it is so challenging. However, you might try to apply these cozy living room ideas.

Warm and cozy living room ideas with sofa and blue carpet

Actually, it should not be so challenging or even complicated. The cozy living rooms ideas do their good job by tricking our eyes into believing that your small living room to be far roomier and bigger. The strategies can turn your previously small to look more spacious, aesthetically charming and cozy after. You can decorate the small room in such a way that exploits the space and light. Pay more attention as to how you use the weight, scale, and color.

For a limited room, sometimes the traditional ideas won’t be your good solutions. Try some interesting new stuff. You can experiment with blinds for the windows. Use the vertical space illusion to draw attention by fixing long and flowing drapes. To have a good illusion of a larger space out of small room, you can put mirror in strategic place. You can use the most common ideas by hanging a big mirror in a mid location as a focal point. If possible, put the mirror across from window to create another similar window illusion.

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Modern cozy living room ideas with white lamp and l shaped sofa

To give an impression of large room out of small space, apply cozy living rooms ideas for minimalist space by drawing eyes attention upward. You may decorate your ceiling in such a way that eyes are always drawn to the upward direction. This particularly does well when your room has high ceiling. For other idea, you can fill all vertical spaces with small artwork. This method will make your room bigger than the reality.

For a small cozy living room, you can paint your floor, ceiling, upholstery and wall with neutral colors. Beige or off-white color will be great to make an illusion of larger room out of small look. The hues are also giving illumination to your room by bouncing back the light. Furthermore, neutral colors offer a soothing atmosphere. As for the furnishings, you should choose with lightweight look. Choose pale color instead of darker one. Find the furniture that has legs than boxy furnishings. For the key to applying cozy living room ideas, please find furnishings that do not hinder your view and eventually make the small room to feel bigger.

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