Finding and Comparing Standard Kitchen Cabinets Height

You can find the standard kitchen cabinets height in every place. It mostly had been standardized by the industry circle. This is not for the height only, but for the depth. The kitchen cabinet heights have been fixed for average person. Moreover, the depth of a standard cabinet is 61cm (24”). Today, there are also cabinets with deeper depth to accommodate the ever deepening refrigerator. The depth can run up to 92 cm (26”). For the reason, you need also a deeper countertop.

Standard depth of kitchen cabinets


standard kitchen cabinet sizes chart

In addition, manufacturers also offer the base cabinet with 30 cm (12”) depth. They intended it to be able to move into smaller room. When choosing cabinet, be cautious about different cabinet styles because they might have different cabinet depth, resulting in irregularity. If you want to know the standard kitchen cabinets height, then you should understand beforehand about the base kitchen cabinet dimensions. They are based from the exterior dimension views. Meanwhile, the interior dimension deals with how much stuff you can store inside. Just be sure to about what dimension you intended to know.

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standard upper cabinet depth


standard wall cabinet height

Moreover, kitchen manual specifies that the top of most countertop height is the cabinet height plus the thickness of its countertop. The standard countertop height is 92 cm (36”), while the countertop height is 63.5 cm (25”) or 76 cm (30”). Each manufacturer oftentimes has varied cabinet width of their products. The size can be 12”, 15”, 18”, 24”, 30”, or 36” if manufacturer uses inch. However, if the size is in centimeter, there will be 30 cm, 40 cm, 50 cm, 60 cm, and 80 cm.

standard kitchen cabinet dimensions


Standard height for kitchen cabinets


standard kitchen cabinet sizes in mm

Therefore, when you want to purchase different type of cabinets, be sure to consider the width sizes. Just like the depth, there is available standard depth of cabinet, such as 12”, 24”, 36” or 30 cm, 61 cm, 92 cm along with a variety of their standards. Back to the standard kitchen cabinets height, its height is also different depends on the manufacturer. When you want to specify the cabinet height, consider also the cornice detail you want to put on the top of cabinet.

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There’s a new wave of cabinet height trend. That is 2/4 height or cabinet with mid height. The products come with the common standard width and depth, but they have height around 125-150 cm (40”-60”). There are many different standard heights for kitchen cabinet. Therefore, if you want to find standard kitchen cabinets height, just check to the manufacturers’ manual for sure.

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