Get Your Complete Destination with California Pizza Kitchen Waikiki

Some peoples may be already familiar with California Pizza Kitchen which spread out in a lot of countries. But if you have a plan to visit Hawaii or you already in Hawaii, you must familiar with Waikiki. Waikiki is located in the shout of Honolulu ad famous with beach and Hawaiian royalty. The beach in Waikiki is so calm and quiet, you can use to learn surfing. The hotels also placed closely with the beaches so you can enjoy the beach view from your room. The other local attraction is Honolulu Zoo and Waikiki Aquarium which you can visit with your family. There are a lot of historical places in Waikiki as well. Beside you enjoy your trip with visiting many beach and places; you have to taste the food. You may taste the local food but sometimes you want something different or familiar with your taste. One of them is Pizza which everyone loved. You can try Califonia Pizza Kitchen Waikiki for your dining references with your family or friends.

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California pizza kitchen waikiki menu

The California Pizza kitchen Waikiki is located in 2284 Kalakua Ave Space E Honolulu Streets in the center of Waikiki. Beside for eat place, you can enjoy the view and weather as well. you can visit around 5 pm if you want avoid the crowd. There are several menus in California Pizza Kitchen Waikiki, but there are some favorite menus that you can try. The first favorite menu is Spinach Artichoke Dip. Spinach Artichoke Dip is made from white corn tortilla and housemade blue which served hot. They made from fresh ingredient but delicious. The price is around $33.99. the other favorite menu is Lettuce Wraps as your appetizer. Lettuce Wraps is made from chestnuts, scallions tossed with fresh mushroom that give you clean taste. You can dip it in the delicious sauce and there is some lettuce as well. It can lighten up your appetite. There is different additional, such as: chicken, shrimp, and chicken shrimp. The price starts from $31.99-$42.99. The pizza that you can try is The Original BBQ chicken Pizza which thin and crunchy. You can share with your family; the sauce is nice to complete the pizza taste. The price around $15.45

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California Pizza Kitchen Waikiki can be the one of your eat place beside the local food that you can taste as well. The view of Waikiki is so great and have a worth time with your family or friends. This restaurant is open every day from 11.00am-10.31pm. You can enjoy a lot of local attractions in Waikiki.

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