Get Your Tasty Pizza in Santa Monica Pizza Kitchen

Are you a food lover? Are you a pizza lover? If you a food lover, you must interest with pizza. Everyone likes pizza so much from child, adults or elder. Pizza have great taste and full of flavor that can make your mouth drooling. Pizza may be the most simply foods and spread out in whole of the world. In every country, there are lot pizzas that you can try with different taste. Though pizza was come from Italian but Pizza is an icon food in America and other countries. In technology era, you can order pizza just via your Smartphone then make delivery. It so easy, you can share with your family or friends. Now, many peoples create pizza in any shape and size, usually you meet the pizza with round shape. But now, you can try pizza in other variants and unique ways.

Santa monica pizza kitchen menu

If you are in Santa Monica now, you have to try the pizza in Santa Monica Pizza Kitchen which provides tasteful pizza menu and the other menu. Santa Monica pizza kitchen was placed on Wilshire Blvd Street or you can find on the internet. They sell some pizza with tastefully topping, chicken, kinds of salad, drinks, spaghetti, pasta, etc. in Santa Monica Pizza Kitchen there are some favorite menu that you can try. Some of them are House Special, Italian and Fresh Mozzarella. House Special is the most popular pizza. It made with sausage, mushroom, green bell peppers, tomatoes, olives and pepperoni. It made from fresh ingredients. The pizza is crunchy and crispy as well. The price is worth and cheap around $12.95-$22.95. The other option is Italian. Italian is salad which completed with delicious dressing. It is so fresh as well. it added some grilled chicken and the cost only $7.95. The other best menu is fresh mozzarella. Fresh mozzarella is pizza which is made with fresh mozzarella, marina, olive oil and basil. The mozzarella is stand out and make the pizza tastier with the basil scent. Though contain plenty of mozzarella cheese, the pizza does not greasy. The prices start from $10.95-$19.95 for Extra Large.

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If you do not have a time or lazy to visit the restaurant. You can order online and deliver in your place. You just need around 20 minutes if you ask delivery order and around 10-15 minutes if you order directly in Santa Monica Pizza kitchen. It opens every day start from 11.00am-11.00pm and for weekend is start from 11.00am-12.00am.

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