Guide in Building Sims 3 Houses

Sims 3 houses are needed when you are playing Sims 3 games. But, in getting the best house, you have to know one or two things in this game.

Sims 3 family houses

The Space Requirement in Building Your Own Sims 3 Houses

First of all, before arranging your future Sims house, you have to design the house that you want. Make sure that you already foresee how your Sims house would look like. For beginner player, it is recommended that you have to pay attention in the space that you’ll use to make the Sims house. Without bathroom, it is probably recommended for you to use 5×4 tiles. It looks like the smallest house space that you probably seen. But as a start, it would be enough. All essential items that you need in your life can be placed, there. It still fit for some goodies that you may need in your Sims’ life. Of course, after you save enough money, you can make your Sims 3 houses to be bigger and larger. Expanding the size of the rooms in your house is not expensive. You just have to pay for additional walls, wallpaper and carpet. Really simple, truly!

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Sims 3 base game house

Essential Things to Prepare in Building Your Own Sims 3 Houses

As your Sims will probably sleep, eat and take a bath, then you have to take care that problem as your main priorities when you are building your Sims house. Let’s see, here are some necessities that you may need.

In managing your sleep necessities, having a bed is a must. Even though you just can afford to buy the cheapest bed, at first, it is okay. After you have more money from your job, you are recommended to upgrade your bed. It should be the first item, in your mind, to be upgraded when you are financially stable.

To take care of your hunger, food is important, Refrigerator, oven, counter, food processor, sink, even smoke detector are the things which is recommended to have. Of course, when you are starting, build them cheap. After you have much money, you can upgrade them. Oven and refrigerator must be the first and the second things in the kitchen that you have to upgrade. Adding a good food processor will help you, too, in making the perfect meal for your tummy.

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Last but not the least, don’t forget that you have to take care of your hygiene. Shower, toilet and sink must be there in your house. Build them cheap and upgrade them later. Bathroom should be upgraded last. Tub is something you may have when you are having spare money in building your Sims 3 houses.

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