How to Arrange Furniture in a Small Living Room Efficiently

If you have small space for your living room, then you need to read this how to arrange furniture in a small living room guide and tips that will make your living room improved. These tips below can make your small living room comfortable, cozier and enjoying with seating options, design and arrangement. The first tips that you can use for your small living room is setting wallpaper for your wall decoration and mirror. If there is short window in small living room, it can make bored feeling. To make this small room look spacious, then you should make focal point, boosting light device in your room and adding depth to the entire room. Position mirror across to a window as this will create reflection effect from the outside view and give extra window inside.

How to arrange furniture in a small odd shaped living room


how to fit a dining table in a small living room

Second tip is adding hidden storage in your small living room. Small living room with too much clutter and storage is perfect view for lousy living room. It will create dull, crowded and tight living room. Use built in storage furniture for limit the clutter in living room. Use ottoman storage or trunk that work well for the small living room. Third tip is use small size furniture. For small set of living room, small size furniture such as love seats and chairs is perfect to choose. Fourth, you have high ceiling in your living room? Then take advantage by this extra space. As vertical space do no give advantage for extra seating, you can create larger and grander area in your living room with upward drawing. Make this vertical space with eclectic or retro art gallery.

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sofa set designs for small living room


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Fifth, complete the corner filling. When there is small corner in living room, set bigger furniture can make your small living room bigger. The sized sectional sofa is comfortable and it able for seats for much people. This corner sized sofa also help the room from clutter look. The modern sofa that lines straight forward and clean is better to look in small space. Six, add backless sofa for another seating option. Backless sofa is alternative option for you who have limited space in living room and want to separate your space with other area. You can use this sofa as divider between two rooms. The last tips for how to arrange furniture in a small living room is adding depth to entire room with plants. The lush greenery plants can make the corner softens. The best space for this plant is in corner or in back of sofa and chairs.

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