How to Arrange Living Room Furniture in Small Space

How to arrange living room furniture properly is still a mystery for many people. Small living room often becomes a nightmare for homeowners because the space limits their creativity. You cannot put too much furniture and you must be really careful with the ones you choose. The shape of the furniture will play great deal as well as the color. It seems like there are so many rules in decorating small space that it becomes very frustrating. But you don’t have to be discouraged. Here are the ultimate secrets in arranging furniture in small space. If you follow these tips, small living room space will not be your enemy anymore.

Use the Sofa as the Focal Point

How to arrange living room furniture in a rectangular room


how to arrange furniture in an awkward living room

Every room needs a focal point. It becomes more important when the living room is small and you cannot put too much decoration in it. Since the sofa is the most important thing in the living room, it is best if you use it as the focal point. There is no exact rule where you should put it. Just arrange your sofa on the spot that you want to showcase. Make sure you choose a sofa with lightweight and simple visual so the living room won’t look too crowded. After deciding what the focal point of the room is, it will be easier to arrange other furniture around it.

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Maximize Every Corner

living room furniture layout with fireplace and tv on opposite walls


How to arrange living room furniture with tv


small living room with multiple doors and windows

In a small living room, every space and every corner is precious. Push all the furniture to the wall to maximize the space and to give more room to walk and move. However, this act needs to be backed up by the size and shape of the furniture as well. Make sure you replace all your big and bulky furniture with something smaller and simpler with minimum ornaments. It is better to opt for furniture with legs that will give some sense of space to the room. Although you have maximized every room, this trick won’t work if the furniture is too big and bulky for the room.

Add Some Light with Mirror and Glass Treatment

how to arrange furniture in a living room with two focal points


how to arrange living room furniture in a rectangular room

The best and simplest thing you can do to make a small room appear brighter is to add some lights in the room. Therefore, make sure you spare some space for extra lighting, especially on the table and wall. To make the room even brighter than it actually is, you need some mirror and glass to reflect the wall. Use glass for the tables and put small mirror on the wall. Now you can enjoy your time in a comfortable living room with these tips on how to arrange living room furniture.

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