How to Make Minecraft Bedroom Designs?

If you love the game Minecraft, having a bedroom with Minecraft bedroom designs must be delighting for you. Yes, this sandbox video game is indeed adored and played by millions of people around the world. The game is basically a building game to get more and more possessions on the game. Minecraft has its signature “sandbox” look. The game looks pixilated and full of boxes. That is why if you want to have bedroom with Minecraft bedroom designs, you will have to focus on the boxes design. Below are several suggestions for you.

1. Use Wall Decal Sticker on the Wall

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minecraft bedroom ideas in real life

There are numerous ways to design the wall of your bedroom so that you can make it looks like the wall in Minecraft game. You can paint the wall with different colors and give them boxes pictures on it. However, if you do not want to get things complicated, you just have to use wall decal sticker. It is just sold anywhere in home decor stores or online stores. They have numerous designs including the Minecraft one. Choose the design of the Creeper or Steve or whatever it is related to Minecraft. Remember to choose the wall decal sticker that is easy to peel and easy to stick on the wall. Also, choose the sticker that comes with full color high ratio so that it looks good on the wall.

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2. Minecraft Pillow/ Dolls

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If it is too much for you to use the whole Minecraft-designed bed, you can just go with the pillow. There are a lot of stores that sell Minecraft pillows or dolls. You can use them as the decoration on the bed. Usually, the pillow is not made for functional purpose since it has cubical shape. It will be quite uncomfortable if you sleep on it. However, it is squishy enough and good enough to hug and to be displayed on your bed as decoration.

3. Minecraft Curtain

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If you have windows in your room, you need to use window curtain to make the window more beautiful. Since your bedroom is Minecraft-themed, make sure that the curtain is also in Minecraft theme. There are numerous stores providing Minecraft-themed window curtain with the pictures of the Creeper, Steve, Dan, or even the pictures of the cow and pig from the Minecraft farm. They are all ready to make your Minecraft bedroom designs ready. Use them and you can turn your bedroom into a small Minecraft world of your own.

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