Master Bedroom Design Ideas for Every Bedroom Concept

Master bedroom is the heart of the house. Big houses, small houses or apartments always have master bedroom even if the size is different.  There are so many master bedroom design ideas available, but whichever you choose, it should describe your style and personality. Furthermore, bedroom is the first and the last place you see after and before you sleep.

The first thing you should do in determining your master bedroom design ideas is how big it will be by doing a floor plan. Just picture exactly what your master bedroom will be before you try to put furniture and deciding to place the things inside. If you have a large space, then you can fill your bedroom with a king or queen-sized bed. Meanwhile, if your bedroom barely enough for big-sized bed, you should use smaller one, so the other furniture can fit into your room.

Elegant master bedroom design ideas with wallpaper


Master bedroom retreat design ideas with white bed

After determining the dimension of your master bedroom, you need to choose the theme which will be used. Just pick one that matches to your character and style. Color choosing is surely important to bring the coziest atmosphere. Do not apply too flashy ones as they can hurt your eyes. Moreover, you should consider every furnishing that will be placed in your bedroom. The basic ones like wardrobe, dresser, drawer, table, and chair are your main focus. The dimension of wardrobe should be considered as it will occupy the master bedroom.

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small master bedroom ideas with wardrobes


beautiful master bedroom designs

In addition, use dresser with proper mirror to give elegant look. Then, put more than one drawer, for example 2 small drawers on each side of the bed with the night lamp on it. There must be a space in every master bedroom like at the foot side of the bed. Also, give the extra space between furnishings to confirm the characteristic of this room. Do not forget that lighting is the important part on determining master bedroom design ideas as well. There must be more than one lighting idea.

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modern bedroom designs for small rooms

First is the main lighting which usually uses a decoration lamp at the center of bedroom along with some night lamps on each nightstand. Then, there are also some additional lighting needed in special occasions especially for couple master bedroom. Try to put lighting with unique color on the corner of bedroom or under the bed for this purpose. It surely will give the romantic effect. Hopefully, these master bedroom design ideas will help you creating the best decoration ever.

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