Pottery Barn Coffee Table Win With Style

Give your home a touch of uniqueness from a beautiful pottery barn coffee table. It could be one of the essential parts of your room. Mostly made out of wood and designed to be placed next to or in front of the sofa to support small items and decorative objects to be used while sitting and enjoying a cup of your favorite coffee, and liven up the idiom of “gather around the coffee table.” The variation varies from style to style.

Easy Ways To Style Your Pottery Barn Coffee Table

Providing design attention to your pottery barn coffee table to balancing a form and its function is essential while decorating a room. Without any guide, decorating it would be confusing like “how much is too much?” We’ve put together three ways to style up your table to keep it neat, tidy, and aesthetic. And worry not, this guide can be used to any varieties of the coffee table, which includes a round wood coffee table and other coffee tables.

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1. Use a tray, box, or basket

pottery barn rustic coffee table


pottery barn benchwright coffee table knock off

It is a smart way to mess-free your coffee table. A proper placement will give it decorative points instead. Stack objects from the largest on the bottom to the smallest on top. Choose the one that matches the color of the room. Pair it with natural elements of moderate bouquet or green leaves to get a fresher look.

2. Use bottles to create a landscape

pottery barn channing coffee table


pottery barn coffee table marble

You can also use a distressed coffee table to showcases a various style, size, and shape of beautiful bottle collection. Place a few inch of water, select some long-stemmed flowers, match it with the height of the containers, and arrange them along the table to make your room beautiful and refreshing.

3. Group objects together

pottery barn rhys coffee table


pottery barn coffee table with drawers

Grouping objects that have a similar color make it look simple and organized. Some plants like herbs are a smart choice since it gives a nice aroma. Place four of it in the center of the table. Create a pile of books at the other end of the table with your favorite decorative objects on top of it.

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With the right choice of choosing and arranging decorative items, a pottery barn coffee table could be a core of a design element. Whatever the color of your room is, this guide can style your table with more fun and functional.

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