Pur Water Filter Troubleshooting And Several Ways To Fix Those

Puris one of the brand in the water Purifier. This product is well known and highly capable of removing the harmful things that can get through your glass. There is some dangerous material that can harm you physically such leads, mercury, and any other toxic. Here are the Pur water filter troubleshooting methods to ensure that your Purifier is running at full capacity.

Several Problems and It Troubleshooting

Having a malfunctioning water Purifier is very annoying and dangerous for your health, as it will let the hazardous material to your glass and you will eventually drink it. Pur water filters, therefore, need to be regularly checked to ensure its integrity. Here are several issues and the methods to solve it.

pur water filter installation troubleshooting

1. Pur water filter light is off
Even the best water filter will encounter problems, and here is one of our problem. The light indicates the integrity of the screen, and as the light off, therefore, you need to change the filter. But if the light is always off, even you have changed the light. Therefore you need to restart the screen or clean the filter again.

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2. Pur water filter always shows red light
Red light in Pur Purifier is no longer capable of removing the harmful things due to the filter being too dirty and need to be replaced. But after you return it, if the red light still on, then you need to clean it thoroughly form the cap, to the filter. If that doesn’t work, then perhaps you need to change the circuit.

3. The water flows slowly
This is what will happen if the water Is too dirty since the device needs more time to Purify the water. Pur water filters part is running in different sequences and thus the dirtier the water, the longer it takes the water to be Purified. However, Pur Water Filter Troubleshooting will recommend you to Purchase the plastic washer to speed up the water.

pur water filtration system manual

4. Unclogging the water filter
The clogged water filter is the proof that the water filter is working correctly. The lead that is filtered will clog the filter and slow the flow of water. If this happens in your Pur water filter faucet, then you need to open the cap and clean the filter inside.

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Those are the Pur water filter troubleshooting, hope this article is helpful for those searching for any Pur troubleshooting.

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