Simple Tips to Install Your Kitchen Cabinets based on Kitchen Cabinet Height

An interesting kitchen is not only about good kitchen. The correct installations of your cabinets can give shade in your kitchen. If you wrong when installing your kitchen cabinet, it will be horrible and destroy your kitchen view. Kitchen is place where you cook and prepare a good foot for your family or friend. Beside has a good kitchen, you should have a kitchen which comfortable, unique and lighter your mood. You can design your kitchen based on your taste and design. The kitchen cabinet height should be your consideration before install it. You have to choose the right height based on your space of kitchen. You cannot choose based on their look, you should think properly the height of your cabinet kitchen to avoid the mistake while you install it. It will take extra cost, if you get wrong installation of your kitchen cabinet. You have to remodel and buy the new one then install again from the start. Some peoples can order with the cabinet producer to make the kitchen cabinet is suitable with their kitchen space. There are 4 simple tips to install your kitchen cabinets based on kitchen cabinet height.

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1. The standard of kitchen cabinet

Standard kitchen cabinet height with wooden cabinet and refrigertor

Most of kitchen cabinets are around 34-25 inches tall. You have to measure with your floor space. You can measure from the highest wall if you want the tall kitchen cabinet in your kitchen. Before you buy, you need to measure properly then you can choose the kitchen cabinet that you want.

2. Base of cabinet kitchen height

how high should kitchen cabinets be from countertop

You can measure with reduce the height of the cabinet and the thickness table. In some cases, the table or countertop is too short and make you uncomfortable while cooking. It is better if you use the taller base cabinets for your kitchen cabinets.

3. The function

kitchen cabinet height above sink

Beside you consider the height; you shall consider the function of your kitchen cabinet as well to maximize your main function of your kitchen. Your cabinet is made to store your many kitchen items. Choose the cabinets based on your storage will be hard choice. But it can make your kitchen neatly and give more space.

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4. How to install

standard kitchen cabinet sizes chart

You can give a mark in your whole line of the wall along the height cabinet correctly. Based cabinet can be placed in two directions, side to side or front to back based on your space. You can start to install the base cabinet then upper cabinets and push o in your walls side.

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