Maximize Your Small Space with Cool Small Bedroom Design Ideas

Insufficient of space in the house usually make small bedroom become the best choice for us. Even so, the limitations of space should not be an obstacle in making the bedroom to look cozy, charming, and stylish. You can try small bedroom design ideas bellow to give the best arrangement for your personal room.

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First, if you want to make your small bedroom look bigger, you must create the right atmosphere. Dominate your wall, plafond, and furniture with light colors to enhance a feeling of space. In fact, darker colors will do the opposite. Add mirrors to expand the visual of the room by using a plain mirror, mirror on the dresser or wardrobe. Furthermore, be careful on choosing the furniture, especially for bed. Don’t use big bed size such as king-size or even queen-size because it will cost a lot of space. For example, if the bedroom is for single person, you are better to use a standard-size bed and for children, just use bunk bed or the small one according to the number of your kids.

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small bedroom decorating ideas on a budget


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Moreover, after the atmosphere is set well, you can start to think about maximizing the existing space to create the better small bedroom design ideas. There are some tricks to solve your space and storage problems. First, choose furniture with the same shape as the corner. If you do not find it in regular stores, some makers can custom it for you. Then, you can use spaces such as under the bed and above the wardrobe to be additional storage.

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In addition, small bedroom design ideas also minimize the usage of proper furniture to solve the space problem. The wall is good solution for you. Some furnishings that normally exist in large bedroom can be replaced by in-wall modification. For example, ditch the regular table with the one that can be folded into the wall. Therefore, when you do not need it, just fold it to give more spaces for your room. Next, replace drawer with in-wall storages. Try to reduce portraits and drawings. You can also use small space near the windows to place family photos or other belonging.

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Please remember that the selection of themes is also quite important in determining the best small bedroom design ideas. It is because your small bedroom will look cozy and charming if the theme suits your style. Everybody says that your room reflects your real characters.

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