The Kitchen Sink Ice Cream Challenge

In summer, when you holiday and enjoy beach in hot season, it is best time for enjoy kitchen sink ice cream challenge. If you are ice cream lover, then this is best time for enjoy delicious ice cream sundae in big pot, the sink! The ice cream kitchen sink challenge is available in several places and it is common for those who very love ice cream. The ice cream kitchen sink is filled with various flavor and ice cream. Look to the famous Walt Disney Kitchen Ice Cream with original recipe and chocolate lover toping. This is enormous ice cream desert that filled with scoops ice cream in various flavor includes strawberry, chocolate, coffee, mint chocolate, and vanilla all is blended become one.  The ice cream topping is includes pound of cake slices, cookies oreo, brownies cake, chocolate chips, peanut butter and sauce, caramel sauce, chocolate sauce, banana slices, pineapples slices and gummy orange slices. And the last, the sprinkles in the top.

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Kitchen sink ice cream bowl

The second recipe of Disney ice cream kitchen sink is for chocolate lover. Ice cream in chocolate lover is simple ice cream. It consider from cookies, chocolate and vanilla and cream. The topping is create from entire chocolate variety, it starts from creamy chocolate sauce, candy bars caramel, chocolate Oreo cookies, chocolate chips, chocolate sprinkles, and chocolate brownies. There are no cherries added in this ice cream topping. For challenge you in summer, you can try the ice cream kitchen sink sundae in several places. The first places that you can go to taste the ice cream kitchen sink is in San Fransisco Creamery co. The sundae ice cream made from 3 bananas, whipped cream, the 8thscoop of ice cream in regular scoops, 8 different toppings, nuts and cherries. The challenge allows you to drink other beverages or any food along the ice cream sundae challenge.

Kitchen sink ice cream disney

Want to have other classic ice cream sundae kitchen sink? Then you can go to colonial café. This kitchen sink ice cream 0ffer you favorite sundae with two scoops ice cream for vanilla ice cream, chocolate and strawberry, two whole big bananas, and toppings. Topping is considered from chocolate and strawberry topping, pineapple, and whipped cream cover.  Want get more challenge of kitchen sink ice cream? Then you can go to Krisch’s ice cream sundae challenge that give you challenge for finish eat ice cream kitchen sink in 1 hour. It priced $39,99 and weight about 2.7 kg.

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