Valances for Living Room with Different Types of Styles

Not all homeowners know that there are different types of valances for living room. Each of them has their own strength and purpose in creating unique design for the house. When you want to create different types of style and look, consider some of these common options. Of course, feel free to combine it with different accents and accessories.

modern valances for living room

The scalloped valance is one of the most popular types of valances for living room. It generally uses a sophisticated design to create a classic and elegant outcome. If you choose the plaid pattern, you have chosen a country theme and you want a complementing accent to finalize the whole thing. If you want to have a stylish and classic design, the French country style can be a good supporting accent. With a combination of soothing colors and simple room management, expect a stylish and elegant outcome.

country valances for living room

Another option is the Ascot valance whose signature style includes a triangular edge with the downward-face point. In most cases, the points are decorated with tassels to add the flair. Choose damask print if your living room already has a solid color. If you have furniture with bold patterns, choose the valence with strong shade but minimum patterns so the overall look won’t be too busy or too crowded. This style can be mixed into the French country curtains but remember to pick the right colors, which are white, blue, and yellow.

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tailored valances for living room


balloon valances for living room

The scarf valance is another options for the valances for living room that come with draping effect right in the center and the ends flow down by each side of the house window. This style works best for the formal theme, improving elegance and somehow majestic atmosphere of the room. But remember that you have to choose the stylish curtain rod because it will shows on this style. If you have flaws on the rod, better not to choose this scarf type.

Among the other types of popular valances, the waverly valances can also be a good option. It is simple and yet the simplicity is the key strength of the décor. Be sure that your room will look super stylish with this (seemingly) simple curtain style. You can even improve the ambiance with the right option of color, pattern, and dimension.

valances for living room bed bath and beyond


valances for living room windows

There are still many more valances that you can try, such as cornice style, tailored type, or even the balloon one. Make a research to know what you want and what style to help. In the end, you only need to pick one type among the many valances for living room.

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